The “Secret” To Health, Wealth & Success Revealed

The “Secret” To Success


Dear Friends,

Welcome to this Journey of Success.
Let me reveal to You right now the “Secret”.
The “Secret” is found in one word call Synergy.

What is Synergy? I came across this one new word many years back and I was awed by the revelation of its meaning. That was an ‘AHA’ moment … a moment where the ‘Light’ came on in my head. Life is simple … it is Man who complicated it. Follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid!

Here is the Meaning of Synergy











1 + 1 is not equal to 2
1 + 1 is more than 2 … it could be 10; it could be 100; it could be 1,000 (Its more than 2)
This equation is not a mathematical equation … it is a Life Equation.
The Apple and the Apple Seeds


Apple and seeds quote 2 copy[6]










Yes, the power of life is in the Apple Seed. We do not know how many apples will be produced from just one apple seed.

Synergy is the tremendous energy that is produced when 2 or more bodies come into collision – Atomic Energy!

Atomic Bomg









The Power that is generated, the Energy that is generated is Enormous.
When this is applied to Business term, it means manifold returns – 1,000 fold, 1,000.000 fold returns. This may be the breakthrough that you are waiting for.

Synergy is Focus Energy. Like that of a Laser Light. Lasers can cut through thick piece of metal. Diffuse Light doesn’t have the power to cut through metals … only concentrated Light have the power.


Success is not the effort of one man. No one achieve success alone.
Success is the effort of many people. Success is the result of Team Effort.
Success Together; Together We Succeed!













Success is the united effort of a Team that Synergies together that overcame all odds and problems they encountered to reach their Goals. Many people don’t succeed because they did not work in a team. Many Teams did not succeed because they did not synergise. Though they were in a Team but they worked as individuals. Teams that are disunited will fail. Successful Teams are united in their efforts. They work as “One” unit. They have “Synergy”.


The Story of the Ass-Hole (The Scientific Name is Annus)

No Image







One day, all the Members of the Human Body gathered and have a discussion on the subject “Who Is the Greatest”?

The hands, the legs, the ears, the mouth … they all started to present themselves and proclaimed “How Great They Are”? One by one they stood and glorify themselves.

Lastly, it was the Ass-Hole’s turn to speak. Before he could open his mouth, everyone laughed at the Ass-Hole. They ridiculed him, saying “only shit comes out of his mouth”. The Ass-Hole was not even given a chance to speak up.

The Ass-Hole was so angry; he decided to teach everyone a lesson. For one whole week the Ass-Hole did not let anything pass through him. All the waste and toxin started to accumulate inside the Body.

This begin to have its toll on all the members of the Body … the legs begin to shake and shiver; the hands becomes weak; the eyes starts to have ‘Blur’ vision and the brain is loosing it ability to think.
What is the moral of the story?
We need one another to survive and succeed.
We are not independent but inter-dependent of one another
No one is Superior or Inferior in the Body; each is Unique and has different function.

Now the “Secret” has been revealed to You.
It is your responsibility to make this “Secret” work for you.
Step out, Find and Form your Team and …









Call me when you make your Million $$!

All The Best,
David Wong
Founder of MBN (Marketplace Business Network)
Author of “Making MoneySense: God’s Truth”

SORRY … Even Knowing the “Secret”, the majority of you will not make it!
I am sure; many of you have attended and paid thousands of dollars on “Money Making Seminars”. You have read countless books on Success, Wealth and Prosperity … but you have not broken through. There is a Glass Ceiling that you cannot breakthrough. What is the Problem?

“You” Are The Problem

The Human Factor is the Problem.
Human Emotion is the Problem.












Fear is the main culprit that prevents you from success.
Fear imprisons you. Fear keeps you in your ‘Comfort Zone’. Fear prevents you from becoming the person you are meant to be.
What are the things People fear?

  1. Fear of Rejection
  2. Fear of Making Mistakes
  3. Fear of Embarrassments
  4. Fear of the Unknown (New Things)
  5. Fear of Public Speaking    … etc

Your Fears will imprison you in a jar and you will not be living the Life that God intends for you to Live.  Fear destroys your Life. Fear keeps you from being Successful. You are trapped in your Fears.

Have you heard of the Bell Curve?

Bell Curve











The 10 – 80 – 10 graph
Where are you in this Bell Curve?
If you are in the Top 10%, you won’t be reading this. You will be flying and soaring high in the sky!
I believe the majority of us are in the average 80%. We struggle and strive to reach our goals and dreams. Many of us have spent many years like an aeroplane just “taxying” on the runway and do not have power to take off. We have spent years chasing one opportunity after another opportunity.
By now many have given up on their dreams. Are “You” one of them?
You have tried this, you have tried that … “but It does not work for You”.

It may work for others but not You!

Congratulation I Am Looking For You!


Psssst … Here is the Real Secret. This is the Real Deal.
I am looking for 50 people who would join me in this Experimentation.
We will be involve in a Business (a legitimate business) … since many of you tried and fail because of the Human Factor. This Business will eliminate the Human Factor in the Equation. The “You” Factor is taken out of the Picture.
You don’t need to talk to people … if you don’t want to.
You don’t need to go for meetings … if you don’t want to.
You don’t need to go for training … if you don’t want to.
You don’t need to do Anything … Well Almost Anything!
I will take in 50 for this pre-launch … first come first serve.


Our Priority is not about Money … Money will come.
Our Priority is “Unity” & “Synergy”. We must move “As One”.
I will share more about how we can “Synergise”, when you step over to the other side.
Take Action Now!


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For those who took action – See you !
And for the rest – Wishing you all the best in your Journey of Life!


Success Together,
David Wong
(Founder of Marketplace Business Network
Author of Making MoneySense: God’s Truth)