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A story was told about a Retired Engineer.
This engineer has been working in the factory of a Multi-National Company since he graduated from the university. He knew the Inside-Out of the Factory. He was able to keep the Factory running and trouble shoots the problems that came up. He was a very good and competent engineer.

A few years after his retirement, he received a phone call from the Managing Director of the Company. There was a problem that arose in the factory that none of the other engineers could solve. As the last straw, they contacted this retired engineer.

The retired engineer came. He switches ‘on’ the machine that was giving the problem. He listened to the sound of the running machine. He asked for a hammer and started tapping on the pipes. After a few minutes, he found the source of the problem. The problem was finally fixed and the factory was in operation once again.

After a few days, the Managing Director receives an invoice from this retired engineer for the service he had rendered. The MD was shocked at the amount that was asked. He called the retired engineer and said, “How come you charge me so much for your service? You did not do much. You just use the hammer knocking here and there. Why such a high fee?”

The retired engineer replied, “The knocking part is free … but knowing where to knock is expensive.”

Do you want to know “Where to Knock” to solve your problem of achieving Success?

I am not charging a high fee to share with you this “Secret”.
My goal in life is to help the Ordinary, Average person to achieve Success, Significance and Satisfaction.

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