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Vision & Assignment Of MBN


We are a group of God Fearing Business Owners and Professionals who seek to promote the “Integration of Business & Ministry” in the Marketplace. We seek to bring the Holy Spirit back into the Workplace expecting the Holy Spirit to work in “Signs & Wonders” in the 9 to 5 Window. We seek to help People to achieve Success, Significance and Satisfaction in Life. We help People to discover and fulfill their Dreams and Destiny.

Our Goals
1 To Promote “Integration of Business & Ministry”
2 To Generate Wealth For Kingdom Advancement
3 To Transform The Marketplace ( 7 Mountains )
4 To Eliminate Systemic Poverty


Marketplace Business Network (MBN)
To better understand what Marketplace Business Network is all about – we need to look at 7 Key Elements of the Marketplace Ministry.
1. God Is First
God must be our first priority not our business. As we put God first all other things will fall into its rightful place. Blessings and Breakthroughs. Matt 6:33
2. Marketplace (Workplace) is our place of engagement with the Enemy. I believe 95% of the ‘Church’ is called into the Marketplace. This is our Calling – The 9-5 Window.
3. Integration of Business & Ministry (Work & Ministry)
My Business Is My Ministry.We should not compartmentalize our lives into the ‘Spiritual’ & ‘Secular’. This is a deception from the Devil.
4. Every Believer In The Marketplace Is A Minister
We believe in the Priesthood of all believers. (II Pet 2:9). We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to have an influence and impact the Marketplace.
5. This is a Sharing & Supporting Network
We seek to support one another in business because God is the CEO of all our businesses. We believe that it is through these network of businesses that God supplies and meet our different needs. (II Cor 8: 13-15)
6. Marketplace Ministry Is A Movement Of The Holy Spirit
Spirit @ Work not Self @ Work; Faith @ Work not Flesh @ Work.
7. We Have One Vision And No Division
We do not operate under any denominations …for Christ is not divided. We are united in Christ. We all march under the Banner of Christ Our King! (ICor1:10-17)






We are looking for People to partner with us in our Global E-Commerce Business.
Success is not the effort of an Individual but the combine effort of a TEAM.
Come and Join the MBN Community … Success Together
Regardless of Race, Language or Religion.



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