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    Internet Business2


  • Introduction To MBN

    MBN Logo

    This is the Logo of MBN
    The Cross in the boat represents our Christian Belief and Commitment.
    The Cross also represents Christ covering over the Business

    The Fisherman casting his net represents the Christian Business Owner / Professional in action.
    As Christian, we have a Dual Calling – A Vocational Calling and A Ministry Calling. We are called to be “Fisherman” and “Fisher of Man”. (Matt 4:19”) Follow Me and I will make you Fisher of Man.

    The Boat is resting on the Promise of God’s Word – Luke 5:4-7
    When He had finished speaking. He said to Simon, “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” Simon answered, “Master, we have worked all night long but have caught nothing. Yet, if you say so, I will let down the nets.” When they had done this, they caught so many fish that they signalled their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both boats so that they began to sink.

    This Promise was given to me and my wife in 2004
    We have been toiling to serve the Lord in our business for years – with no breakthroughs and success. We realize that we have been toiling in our ‘Flesh’ … trying to serve the Lord in our own strength. Getting no results.

    Now, we want to serve the Lord in “Faith” – The result will be a Miraculous “Harvest”. The Blessings of God will be so much till it overflows. We need to ask our Partners to come and help … and they too will receive the blessing till it overflows! This is God’s Promise to us.

    MBN – Who Are We?
    We are a group of Christian Business Owners and Professionals who seek to promote the “Integration of Business and Ministry”. We seek to bring the Holy Spirit back to the Workplace – expecting the Holy Spirit to work in “Signs & Wonders” in the 9 to 5 Windows

    Our Vision & Mission
    1. To Promote the “Integration of Business & Ministry”
    2, To Generate Wealth for Kingdom Advancement
    3. To Transform the Marketplace
    Arts & Entertainment
    4. To Eradicate Corrupt Practices in Business
    5. To Eliminate Systemic Poverty

    MBN Structural Chart

    MBN Flow Chart

    Business Vehicle
    One of our stated goal is to Generate Wealth for Kingdom Advancement.
    We have chosen Network Marketing as our Business Vehicle.
    Jeunesse Global is the Fastest Growing Direct Selling Company in the World.
    In a short 6 years, it has achieved a sale of US$ 1 Billion Dollars.
    This is an US Company with its products manufactured in USA.
    Jeunesse Global is marketing innovative, breakthrough Nutritional and Skin Care Products.
    You can visit the site at

    Jeunesse Global
    Check out: The Company
    The Products & The Compensation Plan



    The Success of our Network Marketing Business is base on one word … Synergy.

    1 + 1 is not equal to 2
    1 + 1 is more than 2 … it could be 10; it could be 100; it could be 1,000 (Its more than 2)

    This equation is not a mathematical equation … it is a Life Equation.

    Success is not the effort of one man. No one achieve success alone.
    Success is the effort of many people. Success is the result of Team Effort.
    Success Together; Together We Succeed!

    Success is the united effort of a Team that Synergies together overcoming all odds and problems they encountered to reach their Goals. Many people don’t succeed because they did not work in a team. Many Teams did not succeed because they did not synergise. Though they were in a Team but they worked as individuals. Teams that are disunited will fail. Successful Teams are united in their efforts. They work as “One” unit. They have “Synergy”.

    Invitation To Join The MBN Jeunesse Business Team

    When you join Jeunesse, you will be given a Personal Business Website. You will have your personal Back Office. Each member will have his/her Business Center. Jeunesse Business Structure is a Binary System – This System function as a team where everyone helps each other to succeed. You can use the money generated from your personal business center to support whatever cause that you represent.

    Let’s unite “As One” to generate Wealth for Kingdom Purposes.

    Excited to see what God is doing in the Business Mountain … transforming the Marketplace.

    If you are open to explore this Opportunity … please submit your Name and Email

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    As One,

    David Wong

    (Founder of MBN)