Does It Matter …

Does It Really Matter ?

Does it really matter?

I have been searching the Scripture and studying the Scripture.
I am in a Journey of “Questioning” the Beliefs that have been passed down to me as “Gospel Truth”.
Does it really matter what point of view I hold? Why bother about about all the theological view points? Just attend church, give tithes, do good works, evangelize … be a good Christian. Does what I believe and why I believe really matters?

“Finished Work of Christ” or “Working out your Salvation towards holiness”
“Old Sinful Nature is no longer in a believer” or “Old Nature is still in a believer”
” Grace Alone” or “Grace and Law”
“Futurist View” or “Preterist View” of Eschatology
“Premillennium or Postmillennium or Amillenium”
“Kingdom of God here on earth” or “Kingdom of God in Heaven”
…. and many other issues.

Why all these debates? Does it really matters? Yes it does matter!
All these are not central to our Salvation … but they are critical in our Christian Living. What we believe will determine whether we live in Victory or Defeat here on earth. It will determine whether we live a life of Freedom or Bondage.

A child of God need to grow in Spiritual Maturity. Only a spiritually mature believer will know his “inheritance” in Christ and enjoy the rich “inheritance” that belongs to him in Christ.
A “Baby” in Christ will not know and enjoy the “inheritance” that are his. A “Baby” though he is in the family but he is not mature enough to enjoy his “inheritance”. So don’t just be contented to remain a “Babe in Christ”. Don’t just remain in “Salvation Matters” but grow deeper in the “Things” of Christ.

We must know what we believe and why we believe.
No matter what we believe … we must be able to support and defend what we believe with Scriptures. If you Theology does not match with Scripture … Change your Theology.
Yes, share your beliefs and present your beliefs but never insist and force upon others your beliefs … that is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Growing in the Knowledge of God.