Understanding “This Age” & “Age To Come” from the Jewish Mind


The Two-Age Jewish View of Time

(Article from: christeternalchristianchurch.com)
The Bible teaches two distinct “ages” of time which are known as “this present age” and “the age to come.”

The “ages” ¬†refer to the Jewish idea of separating the time before Messiah from the time after the advent of Messiah. They thought of human history being divided up into these two ages.

The New Testament writers, and Jesus Himself, considered themselves to be living during the period of time where one age was to end (also known as the Old Covenant) and the bringing in of another age (the New Covenant). This did not mean that history was to end in their time, but that a new age (covenant) was anticipated to come in.

In the Scriptures, the two ages are contrasted against each other. “This age” is contrasted with “the age to come.” The phrase “age to come” requires that “this age” has to have an ending to it. Since the “age to come” is not said to have an end, then the expression “the last days” must apply to the end of the “this age” period or the Old Covenant. The end of the “this age” (Old Covenant) is when God’s eschatological program would be fulfilled.

Age to Come