I am in a Journey of Re-looking and Re-examining ‘What I Believe’.

What Is Truth?
Everyone claim to hold the Truth. Everyone is right in his own eyes. Even an Atheist who claimed that there is ‘No God’ is right in his own eyes.

Everyone of us look at things from our own ‘Worldviews’, from our ‘Paradigms’, from our ‘Beliefs’, from our ‘Mindsets’. Our actions and our behaviors are the results from our ‘Beliefs’. Right ‘Beliefs’ results in Right Living; Wrong ‘Beliefs’ results in Wrong Living.

It is ‘Impossible’ for us to change another person’s Beliefs … he, himself must change it. We can argue with the person till the ‘cows come home’ and yet the person still thinks that he holds the truth.

So, it is no point getting angry, getting frustrated in seeking to change a person’s point of view. Your job is just to share the ‘Truth’ and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. Don’t play the role of the Holy Spirit.

6 Blind Men each describing what an elephant looks like. One blind man says the elephant is like a rope … because his is touching the tail of the elephant. Another said that the elephant is like a tree … because holds the feet of the elephant. Yet another said the elephant is a brick wall … because he touched the body of the elephant.

Who is telling the ‘Truth’ about the elephant?
None of them! They are all Blind Men. It takes a man who sees to describe correctly what an elephant looks like.

The Apostle Paul before his encounter with Jesus was a persecutor of the Church. He was fully convinced that he was upholding the ‘Truth’ and the Christians were wrong in their ‘Belief’. It took an Encounter with Jesus for him to have a Paradigm Shift.

I am in a Journey of Re-looking and Re-examining  ‘What I Believe’. So far, it has been an interesting journey. What have been passed down through the centuries … may not be ‘Gospel Truth’. What the majority holds as ‘Truth’ … may not be ‘Truth’.

I am pursuing after God. I am pursuing after Truth.
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

I am not questioning the Authority of Scriptures
I am re-looking at the Interpretation of Scriptures that have passed down to me as ‘Gospel Truths’.

Believing in Lies will keep you in Bondage
Believing in Truths will set you Free!

Blind man