Create 800+ “click-happy” headlines… (with 1-click)

Create 800+ “click-happy” headlines

Here are the cold hard facts…

FACT #1: The average person is being exposed
to 5000+ daily ads or brand messages each and
every day.

FACT #2: They consume 15.5 hours of media on
a daily basis.

So as marketers the big question becomes…

How do we cut through the noise?

You only have seconds to capture your reader,
visitor or subscriber…

Which is why THE HEADLINE/TITLE must be eye
catching and compelling.

Here are 3 guidelines to live by when writing
your headline or title…

– Use Power Words: Use words in your title
that evoke an emotional response.

– Watch Your Character Count: Use an ideal
character count of between 52-55.

– Use the Correct Sentiment: Having a positive
or negative sentiment conveys stronger
emotion and perform better that are neutral.

The GOOD NEWS is that FreshTitle, which has just
released – was designed to help generate literally
thousands of proven titles and headlines with 1 click
of the mouse.

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