Create 800+ “click-happy” headlines… (with 1-click)

Create 800+ “click-happy” headlines

Here are the cold hard facts…

FACT #1: The average person is being exposed
to 5000+ daily ads or brand messages each and
every day.

FACT #2: They consume 15.5 hours of media on
a daily basis.

So as marketers the big question becomes…

How do we cut through the noise?

You only have seconds to capture your reader,
visitor or subscriber…

Which is why THE HEADLINE/TITLE must be eye
catching and compelling.

Here are 3 guidelines to live by when writing
your headline or title…

– Use Power Words: Use words in your title
that evoke an emotional response.

– Watch Your Character Count: Use an ideal
character count of between 52-55.

– Use the Correct Sentiment: Having a positive
or negative sentiment conveys stronger
emotion and perform better that are neutral.

The GOOD NEWS is that FreshTitle, which has just
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  • The Secret That Motivational Gurus Failed To Mention

    Let Me Tell You A Secret That Success Gurus Mention But Did Not Stress On … Hot From The Oven Of My Mind. Be The First To Know.

    Hi Friends,

    Let me introduce myself.
    My name is David Wong. I am the Founder of Marketplace Business Network (MBN). I am also the author of the book “Making MoneySense: God’s Truth”.

    My Mission in life is to “Help the Average / Ordinary People to achieve Success, Significance and Satisfaction. I am Champion for the “Under Dogs”. The top 10% of People will be Successful, no matter where they are in and what they do … it is the 80% of the People that are striving and struggling to achieve Success in Life. The last 10% are the very poor who could not help themselves.
    I want to help the 80% to achieve more:
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    The “Secret”
    I have uncovered the Secret to Success & Prosperity. There are many Secrets to Success and Prosperity. I will reveal to you this “Secret”.

    A story was told about a Retired Engineer.
    This engineer has been working in the factory of a Multi-National Company since he graduated from the university. He knew the Inside-Out of the Factory. He was able to keep the Factory running and trouble shoots the problems that came up. He was a very good and competent engineer.

    A few years after his retirement, he received a phone call from the Managing Director of the Company. There was a problem that arose in the factory that none of the other engineers could solve. As the last straw, they contacted this retired engineer.

    The retired engineer came. He switches ‘on’ the machine that was giving the problem. He listened to the sound of the running machine. He asked for a hammer and started tapping on the pipes. After a few minutes, he found the source of the problem. The problem was finally fixed and the factory was in operation once again.

    After a few days, the Managing Director receives an invoice from this retired engineer for the service he had rendered. The MD was shocked at the amount that was asked. He called the retired engineer and said, “How come you charge me so much for your service? You did not do much. You just use the hammer knocking here and there. Why such a high fee?”

    The retired engineer replied, “The knocking part is free … but knowing where to knock is expensive.”

    Do you want to know “Where to Knock” to solve your problem of achieving Success?

    I am not charging a high fee to share with you this “Secret”.
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  • Citizens of the World

    We are all God’s creation. God does not see us in our Race, Language or Religion. I have made this video from the wordings of the Singapore’s Pledge. I just replace one word “Singapore” with the “World”. This Pledge fits not only for Singapore but for the World.
    We are living in a Global Village, let us stand as One People – People of the World. Let’s do our part in eradicating World Poverty and establish Peace among Peoples in this World.

  • Skills or leads? 87% made wrong choice

    Hi  Friends,

    I just learned that out of 200 people 174 said they’d take leads over
    They need them.
    They failed with their warm market and with other leads they had.
    Where’s the logic?

    If friends and relatives did NOT like what we had to say, what in the
    world would make anyone think strangers would like it any better? Good

    Everybody knows if we are going to make some money we need to talk to people. And that is a skill. Period

    The Go90Grow skill-based video series is creating a buzz because
    people are picking up a couple of quick skills, like rejection free
    recruiting and getting instant results. In just a couple days close
    to 500 people have joined he conversation. And are getting results.

    It’s skills, not leads, that build leaders and everybody knows you
    simply cannot teach what you do not know.

    Up until a year ago, Go90Grow was probably the best kept secret about real training in MLM.  No more.

    If a $50,000,000 company hired Mark j & The Fab D to get their hands on this training for all their reps it would be news. That is exactly what has happened and it’s news you can use.

    But that’s not why it’s not a secret anymore.

    It’s because that company had 197% growth since getting the Go90Grow
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    I know I’ve emailed you about this a few times. It’s because it’s
    important that you grab this training and learn the skills. It’s
    skills that build leaders and new enrollees…and that leads to

    It simply does not happen the other way around…so what do you want to go hunting for today? Skills or leads?

    To Your Success,
    David Wong
    Founder of Marketplace Business Network
    Author of “Making MoneySense: God’s Truth”