Marketplace Transformation Ministry

The ‘Buzz’ Word in Christendom Today is “Marketplace Transformation” or “Marketplace Ministry”. It’s so ‘Hot’ that Churches and Christian Organizations are jumping into this band-wagon. What really is “Marketplace Ministry”? How do we go about doing “Marketplace Ministry”? How does “Marketplace Transformation” takes place?

The Marketplace Transformation Movement is initiated by the Holy Spirit … The Holy Spirit is @ Work in the Marketplace. The ‘Wind’ of the Spirit is blowing in the Marketplace and the ‘Wise’ will hoist their sails to catch the ‘Wind’ and move with the Spirit. The ‘Foolish’ will do their ‘own things’ but the ‘Wise’ will be in alignment with what the Holy Spirit is doing.

The Marketplace Transformation Movement is not the initiative of the Institutional Church. It is not a “TOP Down”  Initiative but it is a “Bottom Up” Initiative. God is raising His Marketplace Leaders from the ranks and file on the Ground Level. The Holy Spirit is raising His Daniels, His Josephs, His Esthers to positions of leadership to Transform the Nations (Marketplace) It takes the Marketplace People to Transform the Marketplace.

The Marketplace Transformation Movement is not about having Church activities and Church Programs imposed in the Marketplace. But these things are happening … Marketplace prayer groups are formed, Marketplace Lunch Time Talks are organized, Marketplace study groups springs up. Some Churches also get into the act, they even have a Marketplace Ministry Department. Do they know what they are doing? Christians are good at coming up with activities … but is this what the Holy Spirit is blessing?

I know that all these activities are not what the Holy Spirit is seeking to work through. My mind keep asking, “What is the Holy Spirit ‘doing’ in this Movement”?  ” What is the Mind of the Holy Spirit in this Marketplace Movement”? I was wrestling with God for His Answer ! ( I do not want to go round and round in circle with activities but no productivity ) I have the ‘light’ but did not have the words to frame this ‘light’.

Finally, the word of the Lord came to me:
Marketplace Transformation Will Take Place When We Shift Our Focus – We must shift from“Church” Focus to “Marketplace” Focus. Instead of spending most of our time on Church Activities, we must now spend most of our time on Work / Business Activities. The Holy Spirit is using our Work / Business Platform to Transform the Marketplace!  “My Business Is My Ministry”. I will explain and establish my ‘Position’, as I continue writing on my Blog.

For this to happen, we must have  Major Paradigm Shifts in our Beliefs concerning :
1. Work / Business
2. Church
3. Worship
4. Ministry

The purpose of this Blog posting is to gather together Kingdom Minded Believers to have meaningful discussion on how to “Seek First His Kingdom” and how to “Establish His Kingdom” on earth. Let’s share our thoughts with a heart of love and a spirit of learning. This should not be a place of heated debate on “Who Is Right” & “Who is Wrong”. We are all in this journey of learning from the Holy Spirit. We seek to be Righteous not Religious.

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