7 Mountains Mandate

A Mandate & Strategy To Transform The Marketplace

God gave two leaders, Loren Cunningham (Founder of YWAM) and Bill Bright (Campus Crusade) a similar message that they were to tell each other when they meet.

This similar message which God gave to them separately is this (paraphrased) :
To transform the Nations and to Impact the World, Christians need to “Influence” the 7 Mind-Molders that shape Society and Culture. These 7 Mind-molders or Spheres that shape the Destiny of Nations are – Religions, Education, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Government , Business.

Christians are to be at the Top of these Spheres so as to exert Godly Values in the Society that we lives in … sad to say, over the years Christians have abdicated their responsibilities and retreated to the Religious Mountain. The decay of Societies is seen because of Christian’s failure to be the ‘Salt’ of the earth.

Lance Wallnau, is one of the Marketplace Leader who popularize and championed this 7 Mountains Mandate. The Challenge is for Kingdom Believers to re-establish God’s Reign and God’s Rule over these 7 Spheres of Influence that shapes our Society and our Nation.
Stop Being Religious and Start Being Righteous … Transforming the Nations! Where is the Mountain of Your Calling?
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7 Mountains