Your Cause For Doing Business

What Is Your Cause (Not Cost) Of Doing Business?

What is your one reason for doing business? If you are to give just One Reason … what would it be?

1. To Make Lots Of Money
2. To Support The Family
3. To Achieve Success & Significance
4. To Fire Your Boss
5. To Create Jobs
6. To Give To The Poor & Needy
7. To Report To No One    ….

Are these your “Cause” for doing Business?

My “Cause” for doing Business is … “To Establish The Kingdom Of God Here On Earth”. Seek first His Kingdom & His Righteousness and all these things shall be yours as well. (Matt 6:33)

The Gospel Of The Kingdom

My Business should be God’s Platform to exhibit & demonstrate His Glory and Power to the World which I live in. God is not passively watching over my Life, but He is actively involve in my Life … seeking to bless it with His Grace and Abundant Riches. God wants me to have Great Success, Good Health & Abundant Wealth.

Two Christian doing “Business” together does not make it God’s Business.  A God Owned Business is one where God is the Senior Partner and not the Sleeping Partner. The Holy Spirit is the CEO … we all are but Stewards of His Business.

I am looking for Kingdom Believers to partner with me in doing God Owned Businesses. We are living in  a Global Village, and we can do a Global Business together. To Find Out More On How We Can Prosper Together With God As Our CEO … Join Me To Reclaim The Business Mountain !