David’s Small Beginning …

The 3 D Army of David …

” And everyone who was in Distress, everyone who was in Debt and everyone who was Discontented gather to him. So he became the captain over them. And there were about four hundred men with him”. I Samuel 22:2

Young David was out of favor with King Saul and he had to run for his life as the king sought to kill him.

In this dark moment of his life, young David would have felt disillusioned and deserted by the people he love and care for. 

It was in this valley of discouragement that God sent the most unlikely source of encouragement to David. Everyone In Distress, Everyone In Debt, Everyone in Discontentment gather to David. These People were “Dissatisfy” with what life had  dealt to them and they came to David. This small dis-jointed group of people will later become the Mighty Army of David.

David's 3D Army


Wanted: Kingdom Believers To Reclaim The Business Mountain
Criteria :
1. A Passion For God
2. A Radical, A Non Conformist, A Person Who Is Righteous But Not Religious.
3. A Person Of Unshakable Faith … One Who Goes For The Long Haul, A Marathon Runner.

I am looking for Global Kingdom Warriors who will join me in Reclaiming the Business Mountain. Are you in distress, in debt or just discontented with what life have offered you until now?

God have better things for you … would you take this leap of Faith and join me in this journey of “Making Money, Making Disciples, Transforming the Marketplace”?
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  • Your Cause For Doing Business

    What Is Your Cause (Not Cost) Of Doing Business?

    What is your one reason for doing business? If you are to give just One Reason … what would it be?

    1. To Make Lots Of Money
    2. To Support The Family
    3. To Achieve Success & Significance
    4. To Fire Your Boss
    5. To Create Jobs
    6. To Give To The Poor & Needy
    7. To Report To No One    ….

    Are these your “Cause” for doing Business?

    My “Cause” for doing Business is … “To Establish The Kingdom Of God Here On Earth”. Seek first His Kingdom & His Righteousness and all these things shall be yours as well. (Matt 6:33)

    The Gospel Of The Kingdom

    My Business should be God’s Platform to exhibit & demonstrate His Glory and Power to the World which I live in. God is not passively watching over my Life, but He is actively involve in my Life … seeking to bless it with His Grace and Abundant Riches. God wants me to have Great Success, Good Health & Abundant Wealth.

    Two Christian doing “Business” together does not make it God’s Business.  A God Owned Business is one where God is the Senior Partner and not the Sleeping Partner. The Holy Spirit is the CEO … we all are but Stewards of His Business.

    I am looking for Kingdom Believers to partner with me in doing God Owned Businesses. We are living in  a Global Village, and we can do a Global Business together. To Find Out More On How We Can Prosper Together With God As Our CEO … Join Me To Reclaim The Business Mountain !