8 Reasons Why I Am In Network Marketing aka MLM

Network Marketing aka MLM

MBN seeks to create Business Platforms to ‘Generate Wealth’ for Kingdom Advancement.
Network Marketing is one of the Business Vehicle that we are using to achieve this goal.

Reasons Why I believe Network Marketing Is The Business Vehicle For Us

1. It has a low capital point of entry. Not like starting a traditional business the point of entry can be costly.

2. It is a ‘Home Base’ business. The business can be done at your own pace. People can do it on a part time basis without quitting their jobs. It can be another stream of income for many.

3. The risk is minimum but the potential of achieving financial success is high. Time frame is 2 – 5 years. Some are doing it at a much shorter time.

4. Don’t need to carry stock. We just focus on the marketing

5. Don’t need to hire any staffs, administrative support is from the company.

6. It is a simple & duplicable  business that everyone can do.

7. It is a smart way of doing business – the power of leverage. Many hands make light work. “I rather earn 1% of 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own efforts” (Paul Getty – Successful Businessman)

8. It is a Global Business that can leverage on the Power of the Internet.

My own compelling reason is to “Make Disciples” around a Business. I am using this Network Marketing platform to gather like-minded Kingdom believers to support one another, help one another and sharpen one another to achieve Success, Significance & Satisfaction.

It’s not just about “Making Money” but it is about “Building Lives”. A tag line that I have taken for myself – “Making Money, Making Disciples, Transforming The Marketplace”. Isn’t it great to see the many “Needy Projects” being funded by our business rather than being dependent on “Donations” & “Charities”.

Network Marketing Can Be As Easy As ABC or As Simple As 123
Learn from Marl J the “World’s Laziest Networker”

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