Wishing You A Prosperous & Successful 2015

Do More With Less

A Prophetic Word For 2015

“This is the year you will accomplish more with less. Less stress, less labor, less financial pressure. Take time early on this year to be alone with Him without distraction. God will meet you and give you awareness of what you are doing that you are not supposed to be doing. You may change 80% of your activity in order to focus on the 15-20% that YOU ALONE can do. Do what you are supposed to do and others will do what they do.” Lance Wallnau

Gideon needs only 300 to defeat an army of Thousands
Jesus needs only 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed a gathering of Thousands
We don’t need More … we need only God to “Make Things Happen”.
Be in the Center of God’s Will – The Center of God’s Blessings & Favors
Do More With Less!

Wishing All A Prosperous & Successful 2015 !
David Wong (Marketplace Business Network)