Project: Street Food

Business As Mission – Street Food!

Food Cart

David Neil and his team are planning to start a Street Food Business in the place where they are ministering – Sikkim India. They will be cooking up delicious local Sikkimese and Traditional Indian Food.

For them to kick start this business, they are seeking a loan from Kingdom Believers … to be paid back within a year with an interest of 3%. 

Start Up Cost For Street Food Project
1.Rs 30,000 – Mobile Stall
2.Rs 7,000 – Induction Cookware
3.Rs 5,000 – Small Oven
4.Rs 10,000 – Invertor Electry
5.Rs 15,000 – Mixer
6.Rs 7,000 – Small Freezer
7.Rs 2,000 – Other Cooking Materials
Total: Rs 62,500 (equivalent to US$ 10,037)

Heal The Youth Ministry
David’s mission is to bring “Healing” to the Youths … to deliver them from their bondage, addictions and bring them into the glorious Kingdom of Light. His work is among the : Drug Addicts, Alcoholic, Prostitutes …

David Neil

To find out more about the “Street Food” Project and the “Heal The Youth” Ministry, you can contact David at email:

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