Will The True “Church” Please Stand Out! Stand Up!

Will The True “Church” Please Stand Out! Stand Up!

Need to get back to the right understanding of the “Church”. The “Church” is the Body of Christ. The “Church” takes its direction from its Head which is Christ. The “Institutional Church” is make up of different denominations, different doctrines and dogmas. They are not “One” but pulls in different directions.

The “Church” is suppose to be the Community of God’s People – caring for one another, supporting each other. The strong helping the weak; the rich supporting the poor.

The Church is suppose to be a Family – A Family whom God is our Father. What have become of this Family? – Disunited? Disjointed? Disillusioned?

The modern “Institutional Church” is more like a Corporation operated by hard rules and regulations instead of empathy and compassion. The “Institutional Church” is taken over by the Religious Spirit rather than the Spirit of Christ! The “Law” governs the Church instead of “Love”.

The World is not disinterested in Christ but they are disinterested in the “Church” that represents Christ here on earth … so, will the true “Church”, please “Stand Out” and “Stand Up”. Shine as Light of the World!

Big Family

The Church Is A ‘Family’ Not A ‘Corporation’