Partnering With Local Believers In Farming Projects

Lychee Farm Project In Hainan (China)

We have taken up a special Lychee Farm Project (Organic) in Hainan.
We have leased a Lychee Farm with 230 matured lychee trees for 3 years. A Christian brother will be tending the trees. Harvest time will be around April and May each year.

Lychee 1

Organic Vegetables From Thailand

The hill tribe farmers in Thailand earn a living by growing fruits, rice and vegetables for their families and selling their products for an income. The Hill Tribes Christian Organic Farming is seeking to help these farmers to convert from chemical to organic farming. They are also helping to market and distribute their organic products to the consumers.

We are looking at the viability of distributing these organic vegetables to the nearby countries and also in Singapore.  By purchasing these vegetables, you will be helping in upgrading their livelihood. Do you know of retailers, buyers and consumers of Organic Products? Spread the word around … we certainly can play a part in helping these farmers.

Vegetables: Japanese Pumpkin, Carrots, Beet Roots, White Cabbage, Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cauliflowers, Kale, Radish … many more

Fruits: Japanese Melon, Mango, Logan, Orange, Avocado, Sweet Coconuts … others

organic    Asparagas


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