A Transformation “Shift”

The Holy Spirit Is Orchestrating A Transformation “Shift” In Our World Today !

Stop Being Religious Start Being Righteous

God is setting the ‘Church’ free … free from the 4 walls of a building.
Free from the mentality of ‘Come’ to Church to ‘Go’ into the World.
Free from the division of “Denominations” & “Doctrines” to the Unity in Christ.

The True Church of Christ is the “Body of Christ”, the “Bride of Christ”. The true “Church” finds its true purpose by being the “Salt of the Earth” and “Light of the World”. The Church must be out there in the World to bring forth Change and Transformation.

This Transformation “Shift” is a shift from our religious activities in Church to our work activities in the Marketplace. God is showing Himself active and relevant in our Workplace. We will be spending more and more time in the Marketplace than in the Church because this is the place where the Holy Spirit is actively moving. Our Work matters to God … and He is using our Workplace as platforms to touch the World. People in the Workplace are not interested in how ‘Religious’ you are … but they are interested in how ‘Righteous’ you are. Marketplace Ministry is not bringing your ‘Religious Activities’ into your Workplace but it is about bringing the Kingdom of God into your Workplace. It is bringing God’s Rule and Reign in the Workplace. It is about bringing ‘Order’ out of ‘Chaos’ in the Workplace. It is about bringing ‘Solutions’ to ‘Problems’ in the Workplace. It is about bringing Love, Peace, Harmony into the Workplace. ┬áIt is about bringing Creativity, Innovation and Productivity into the Workplace … I could go on. It is bringing the ‘Fragrance’ of Christ into the Workplace.

Joseph and Daniel are good examples of Marketplace Ministers. God raise them up to be ‘Problem Solvers’ and ‘Solution Givers’ in the world they lived in. The outcome – God is Magnified and Acknowledge!

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