Pointers To Do Business God’s Way

7 Pointers To Do Business God’s Way

1. The Holy Spirit must be the Senior Partner of the Business
He is the Active Partner …not the Silent Partner or Sleeping Partner.
The Business operates on Divine Guidance and Empowerment.
It is “Spirit @ Work” not “Self @ Work”.

2.  The “Peace” of God should be the Governing Factor in all business decisions not Profits

3. The Business must be done with Integrity and Excellence. God’s business must be holy because He is Holy. When God created the World … He says “It is good”.

4. We must do our Business from “Rest” and not from “Stress”. We look to God for Blessings and Favors. “Unless the Lord builds the house … the laborer build in vain”. Faith @ Work – Believe that God will Make It Happen.

5. The Business is a Platform for Kingdom Advancement. “My Business Is My Ministry”. There is no “Higher” Calling but “Different” Calling. A Pastor or a Missionary does not have a “Higher” Calling over a Business Man or a Plumber. One of the greatest Deception is the Spiritual / Secular Divide. Our “Ministry” is not in the Church Building but in the “Offices” & “Factories”.

6. The Workplace Environment should be an Environment of Support and Love. This is a place where the strong helps the weak and the rich support the poor. This is the place where Love is practiced – No Negative Words … but Words of Encouragement.

7. In Doing Business God’s Way, our Business must be FUN. We must enjoy the business that we are doing. We must be living out our Passion and utilizing our Giftings.

Are you Doing Business God’s Way? These 7 Pointers may be helpful.
“Let Your Light So Shine Before Man That They May See Your Good Works And Give Glory To God”  Matt 5:16


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