Exposing The “Prosperity” Busters

Many years back, there is a comical movie called the “Ghost Busters”. These Ghost Busters were out to save the world from spirits and ghosts …

The “Prosperity” Busters !
If one search the internet, you can find some of these “Prosperity” Busters lurking around. They are self appointed crusaders who are on the look out for those who teaches Health & Wealth. Anyone who teaches Health and Wealth are being labelled as “Prosperity” teachers. Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen are labelled as “Prosperity Teachers”. They are seen as people who teaches ‘another’ gospel. They are labelled as ‘false prophets’ that misinterpret the bible and mislead the believers. A ‘Lie’ repeated Often Enough & Loud Enough can be taken as “Truth” by some. I wish to expose these lies of Satan by expounding on the truths of God. God’s people are robbed of their rich inheritance in Christ by these lies. I seek to have a biblical understanding of Health, Wealth, Suffering, Sickness, Healing, Success … etc
Exposing the “Prosperity” Busters.

Prosperity Buster