From Egypt To The Promised Land

In the book of Exodus, we see the children of Israel under slavery in Egypt. God with great power delivered them through Moses. God’s desire was to lead them into the Promised Land but because of Israel disobedience, they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years … not winning any victories, not possessing any land. One generation passed before Joshua finally led Israel into the Promised Land. The Promised Land … the land that is flowing with “Milk & Honey”, is God’s intention for every of His Children to enter. Sad to say many died in the wilderness because of “Unbelief”.

  1. Egypt represents a state of Poverty (Slavery)
  2. Wilderness represents a state of ‘Just Enough’  (Surviving)
  3. Promised Land represents a state of ‘More Than Enough’  (Surplus)

We were once in “Egypt”, under sin and in a state of poverty – poverty of soul and spirit. Jesus came and delivered us from “Egypt” and wanted to lead us into the Promised Land. Jesus said. “I came that they might have Life and have it Abundantly”. But instead of the “Promised Land”, many Christian ended up in the “Wilderness”. The “Wilderness” experience is one of barrenness and emptiness. When the Israelite were in the wilderness, God provided them with “Manna”
Ex 16:4 Then the Lord said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven to you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for the day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instruction”.  The “Manna” were just enough for the day. God wants us to have “More Than Enough”  … don’t settle for “Just Enough”. Our God is a God of “More Than Enough”. When Jesus fed the 5,000 … they had more than enough, they collected 12 baskets full of ‘left-overs’. A “Just Enough” mentality is selfish … because you have nothing to share. God wants you to have “More Than Enough”, so that you can share with others. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are “Stewards” not “Owners” of Wealth.

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  • 8 Characteristics Of “Prosperity” Busters

    8 Characteristics of A “Prosperity” Buster

    1. They are very Zealous …like Saul the Pharisee before he had an encounter with Jesus. Like the Religious Leaders in the Days of Jesus. They think they are zealous for the Lord.
    2. They are very Dogmatic. They are the only one with the “Truth” and the rest are in “Error”. They are skeptical of ‘New’ things, because they hold on to the ‘Old’. Jesus liken them as ‘Old Wine-skin’ that cannot contain ‘New’ Wine.
    3. They are Law Abiding. They love the Law and live by the Law. They are self appointed ‘policeman’ very critical of those that don’t live by the Law
    4. They are “Grace Limited”. They are saved by Grace but live their lives by the Law. They are critical of those that are “Grace Unlimited”. 
    5. They are Powerless. They have a form of religion but don’t have the power. They are powerless because they don’t understand their ‘Position’ in Christ, They do not know their ‘Authority’ in Christ. They are still struggling for Victory instead of proclaiming their Victory in Christ. They are ‘Powerless’ over many life’s situations.
    6. They are Fearful People. Because they are Law Abiding, they are fearful of taking the ‘wrong’ steps, they are fearful of making mistakes. They are fearful of breaking the Law. They are fearful of being tempted. They were fearful of being ‘rich’ because with riches comes temptations.They were fearful of being ‘Contaminated’ by the World, they avoided the World and the Things of the World. They are ‘Light’ that is fearful of ‘Darkness’.
    7. They are Workaholics. They are zealous in promoting Self Denial, Self Sacrifice …over the “Finished Work” of Christ at the Cross. I don’t think they understand the full implication of the “Finished Work” of Christ. They are still “striving” and “struggling” instead of “resting” and “abiding”. They are still trying to finish the work, where as Jesus said “It Is Finished”. Their ‘work’ are fleshly efforts – ‘Self @ Work instead of Spirit @ Work.
    8. They are the “Kingdom To Come” instead of the “Kingdom Now” People. They are still awaiting for the Kingdom to Come – The 2nd Coming of Christ. They failed to see that the Kingdom Is Already Here. When Jesus died, buried and rose again, He inaugurated the Kingdom of God on Earth. Believers become People of the Kingdom and we are to advance and establish His Kingdom on earth. Wealth, Health & Prosperity are foreign to the “Prosperity” Busters because in their minds the “The Kingdom Has Not Come”.
    We boldly proclaim “The Kingdom Has Come” and we are enjoying “Heaven On Earth” Now!

    These are the 8 Characteristics of a “Prosperity” Buster
    Beware and Be Warned. They will rob you of your rich inheritance in Christ. Jesus came that you might have Life … Abundant Life.
    Prosperity Buster

  • Exposing The “Prosperity” Busters

    Many years back, there is a comical movie called the “Ghost Busters”. These Ghost Busters were out to save the world from spirits and ghosts …

    The “Prosperity” Busters !
    If one search the internet, you can find some of these “Prosperity” Busters lurking around. They are self appointed crusaders who are on the look out for those who teaches Health & Wealth. Anyone who teaches Health and Wealth are being labelled as “Prosperity” teachers. Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen are labelled as “Prosperity Teachers”. They are seen as people who teaches ‘another’ gospel. They are labelled as ‘false prophets’ that misinterpret the bible and mislead the believers. A ‘Lie’ repeated Often Enough & Loud Enough can be taken as “Truth” by some. I wish to expose these lies of Satan by expounding on the truths of God. God’s people are robbed of their rich inheritance in Christ by these lies. I seek to have a biblical understanding of Health, Wealth, Suffering, Sickness, Healing, Success … etc
    Exposing the “Prosperity” Busters.

    Prosperity Buster