Making Money … A Great Distraction?

Whenever I share about “Making Money”, I need to qualify myself. I always says that I am talking about “Making Money” in the context of Stewardship. As a steward, I am just a manager of someone’s money … nothing belongs to me but everything belongs to God. Everything belongs to God. If I don’t qualify myself, people will lump me with those who teaches ‘Prosperity Gospel’. I am not a teacher of ‘Prosperity Gospel’, because of it’s negative connotation … but I am a teacher of Prosperity. Our God is a God of Abundance not Lack. Our God is a God of Prosperity not Poverty. Our God is a God of Blessings not Curses. It is Satan’s Strategy to keep our minds focusing on Lacks & Poverty instead of Abundance & Prosperity. God have such a great inheritance for us not only in heaven but right now on earth! A Paradigm Shift is needed in our thinking of ‘Money’ and ‘Making Money’.

‘Making Money’ seems to be a taboo to a majority of Christians. A Christian friend of mine once made this statement, “Making Money Is A Great Distraction …” . To him, ‘Making Money Is A Great Distraction’ because it will ‘distract’ him from doing the ‘things’ of God.

I hope to change this perception through this Blog Site. “Making Money” & “Making Disciples” need not be a Contradiction! Come to think of it … we all are like ‘Money Making Machines’, after the end of each month we receive money from the work we do – small, medium or large amount! If nobody makes the ‘Money’ …how would our family be supported?  how would the work of the Kingdom be financed? ‘Making Money’ is not a ‘dirty’ word that it is made out to be; in fact our work matters to God. God is using our Work / Business Platforms  for the Transformation of the Marketplace.

I have written a book titled “Making Money Sense: God’s Truth”. This book gives a biblical perspective on Wealth & Prosperity. You can get a copy of the E-book at US$5.00 . As Kingdom Believers, we don’t pursue after ‘Money’ but we pursue after ‘God’ … when we pursue after God, ‘Wealth’ will come. When we are in the ‘Center of God’s Will’, we will be in the ‘Circle of His Blessings. Your support is much appreciated.

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